Intentional Fitness 0053

Who We Are and Why

– Personal trainer led high-intensity interval training (HIIT) studio
– Personal training
– Membership, and other special group training programs.
– We’re Intentional specifically to keep you from wasting any time. We’re focused on increasing your mortality wealth through health.

We Offer

Group classes –
• Multiple forms of exercise options for (most ages)
• Intentional Fitness is designed to build muscle while burning fat and toning the body with rehabilitative stretches while teaching proper form with care!

Membership –
• Option to do your own workouts customized by trainers associated with Intentional Fitness
• Available on our mobile app coming soon!

Amenities –
• 2 bathrooms
• 1 shower
• For our valued members to take care of business and Intentionally get back to their scheduled day!

Events – Beginning in 2020!
• Community events all year
• Social events all year
• Keep you engaged and hold you accountable because of all the friends and members from class and that you see working out that will expect to see you there!
• Throughout the year we’ll have Fitness challenges, competitions, and free health seminars!

Online Access – Coming Soon!
• For that traveler or on the go
• For the member who wants to stay consistent
• Luxury of an online trainer that they choose!
• Program details will be available through your trainer of choice

Apparel –
Look stylish in your new Intentional Fitness gear from our online store coming soon, or just stop by and buy.