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Emmanuel Sosanya

Emmanuel Sosanya as a collegiate scholarship basketball player graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology Exercise and Fitness Management. Demanding and motivating, Emmanuel Sosanya is the owner of I:F Intentional Fitness.
As a proud Norman born Nigerian raised in Oklahoma City, Emmanuel is the older brother of Michael Sosanya (featured I:F trainer) and eldest brother of Dr. John Sosanya who personal trains in Chicago while practicing physical therapy.

Always willing to help others he knew he was going to have a career in some aspect of health. Going from physical therapy initially at OU to physicians assistant to having over 200 internship hours of prosthetics and orthotics before deciding on personal training. At 40 years young, Emmanuel has been married to Adalia Sosanya (top realtor for Thunder team Realty) for 14 years and they are blessed with 3 children: Trinity 10, Solomon 8, and Mesiahs 6. Adalia is a Douglass Trojan graduate and their children are active and sharp students of OKCPS.

An NFPA certified trainer; for almost 20 years he has trained individuals, small groups, taught bootcamps, trained at your local ymca and coached and taught in OKCPS as an English teacher finishing his last 2 years at Douglass winning the 5th state championship in a row in 2013.

Over the last 7 years he has worked as an entrepreneur and speaks as a motivational speaker and has worked as a mentor and tutor for years throughout his career. He has also had the privilege of coaching for the world’s best fitness franchise Orangetheory Fitness. Coaching almost 2000 classes and countless members from OK, other states, and countries over the last 3 years Emmanuel has become one of the best coaches in the state of Oklahoma!

His given name OluMuyiwa means, “A gift from God” he’s speaking that into existence!

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Chanel Rogers

Chanel Rogers

Young, aspiring fitness business owner born and raised in Oklahoma City. Chanel is an older sister to her younger brother Ty’rell and daughter to childcare business owners Karen and James Pittmon. She has not always dreamed of becoming a fitness model, bikini competitor, or fitness professional, but inspiring people to change from the inside- out has never faded.

That is where her Founding business ConFITdent Training thrived just 4 years ago! The mission is “Inspiring Through Fitness” and the motto is “Earn It”. Along with the projects with her business and working as a fitness professional, she loves teaching group exercises classes which are where most of her passion is.

She has touched many lives in Oklahoma spreading the word about health and confidence as she is featured on Oklahoma New Fox 25 sharing her ConFITdent Fit Tips on television screens across the state. Not only does she share her skill and knowledge of fitness, but she practices what she preaches with nutrition tips and YouTube videos on her interactive and fun fitness channel full of free workouts and exercise advice. She is a gift that keeps on giving.  

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Jared Oliver Evan Stewart “Big Stew”

Jared Oliver Evan Stewart “Big Stew”

Jared Oliver Evan Stewart “Big Stew” was born in Oklahoma City. Attended Heritage Hall where I won a state championship in 2010 as a defensive lineman. After high school, I attended the offense-defense preparatory school for fifth-year high school students where I was able to get into the All-American game where I played alongside now NFL stars Lamar Jackson and Saquon Barkley. I attended Langston University where I was an offensive lineman. While at Langston University I injured my knee which caused me to end my football career.

After my career, I fell into a small depression and I got up to 475lbs, so I did whatever I could to go in the opposite direction. Working out was my way of getting out of it so training became my new love. I’ve lost over 160 pounds and have a new career. I got into fitness to fight my own depression originally, then figured out I liked helping people reach their goals.

I’ve been training people for 3 years and am certified through NCSF. “If your goal doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough!”

Lauren Nixon

Lauren Nixon – Kickboxing / Yoga Instructor

Lauren Nixon began martial arts at 7 years old and continued training at Pride Mixed Martial Arts until 21.  Earned first-degree black belt in 2016 and has been instructing classes for 6 years. Fought in 2 Muay Thai tournaments, but teaching and coaching are where her heart is.

A certified yoga teacher since 2021, but began practicing at 16. Although power yoga is her primary style, she’s certified in other styles such as rocket and yin. “Yoga is much more than a physical practice to me – it is enriching in the spirit, mind, and body, and I love to share it with those around me!”